The Javier Marin Foundation is a non-profit association working in the world of culture and the arts: researching, linking up and professionalizing the visual arts.

Javier Marín has always had a social commitment that transcends his artistic proposal.

He has invited several artists to collaborate in his workshop or has supported them in disseminating their work. He also promotes various charitable causes by donating his own work or participating directly in different projects with social impact.

The Javier Marín Foundation has taken up these activities and proposed a conceptual and strategic structure for fostering and concretizing these ideas.


We are aware of the importance of creating collaborative networks among professionals in the artistic milieu. That is why we promote activities leading to the approximation to, professionalization of, experimentation with, and discussion about the visual arts, as well as their dialogue with other disciplines.



Our aim is to consolidate ourselves as a national and international reference point in the professionalization of, experimentation with, knowledge of, and dialogue about contemporary artistic thought and practice.



This Glossary is intended to construct a grammar that allows us to establish common and fundamental principles that define our foundation.



Born in Mexico in 1962, from 1980 to 1983, Mr. Marín studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s National School of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Although best known for his sculpture, Javier Marín has also worked in other media, such as painting, engraving, and costume design.

One characteristic of his work is that he researches different materials. As the starting point for any modeling work, clay marked his first years as an artist. When he explored casting his work in bronze, he decided to make polyester resin pieces to generate a lighter work memory. That was how he discovered his liking for this material for final pieces, which he sometimes mixes with organic and inorganic materials. His most recent work uses parts of his own sculptures as the base material.

In recent years, Javier Marín has developed monumental works for public spaces to establish a dialogue between his pieces of art and the space itself. This dynamic fosters alternate readings of urban living and its physical and human context.

Javier Marín


The foundation has two closely related programs: the Educational Program and the Collections Program.Both turn around three fundamental axes: